We rely on volunteers to help us offer a high level of enrichment for our residents. We want to recognize some of these outstanding people and bring awareness of the ongoing need for people who care to step up and add their voice to our chorus of compassion.

There are many reasons why it is rewarding to offer oneself as a volunteer. Sometimes it is the grown child of a Regency resident who wants to add to activities we offer their loved one. Groups may contact us about arranging for entertainers to delight the seniors with singing or performing instruments.

Monique Dykstra, Activities Director at Regency Retirement Village in Huntsville, said the benefits of volunteering include the fulfillment of knowing a difference is made in someone’s life – the simple act of listening and being a friend can make a greater impact than most of us realize.

Huntsville retirement community volunteersWorshipping with seniors strengthens our bonds as Christians and puts our testimony to action.
Young people, in particular, can greatly benefit from volunteering at our Huntsville retirement community by forming inter-generational friendships, gaining a better understanding of the issues faced by seniors, feeling a greater sense of community, building their confidence, and trying out leadership skills.

Dykstra said Regency Huntsville enjoys a strong base of volunteers, including groups involved in weekly, monthly or quarterly activities.

Volunteer Spotlight: Donna Reinagel

Donna Reinagel has been volunteering at Regency for almost 9 years. Her mother, Mary Tucker, moved into Regency over 13 years ago and has been at home ever since. Donna has been married to Norm for 10 years and they have a 29-year-old daughter.

A great influence through the years, she calls Bingo on a regular basis and continues to do so on alternating Saturdays. Her other acts of kindness include making root beer floats and ice cream blizzards for residents in the sitting area, bringing communion to multiple residents who are Catholic, and carrying in stockings for Christmas and small baskets at Easter. Donna also brings in assorted goodies and sweet treats for Bingo which the residents absolutely savor.

At one point, Donna used to volunteer up to 4 days a week and was a regular visitor in the sitting area by the fireplace.

She is special to Regency as she is active with the residents, engaging them, socializing during dinner, visiting on the weekends and bringing in small surprises. Donna is outgoing, loving and friendly. She listens, sympathizing with the seniors and doing what she can to help out in various situations. She even brags about how her best friends live here at Regency with her mother.

When she isn’t visiting us, Donna and husband Norm enjoy spending time with their 29-year-old daughter.

Volunteer Spotlight: Ms. Rivers

We enjoy visits from many performers, but some of our entertainment is right here among us.

Jennifer Pitts, Activites Director of Life Enrichment, pointed to Ms. Rivers as a resident who volunteers on our activity calendar to lead “Afternoon Tunes with Ms. Rivers” a couple of days a week.

Ms. Rivers has been playing the piano since she was 7 years old, and she was a pianist and organist for the University of Oakwood Church, where she accompanied the choir and soloist. She has recorded songs for the alumni at the University as well, called Precious Memories.

Ms. Rivers has played in other different areas of the world such as Bermuda Island, California, and New York City Concert Hall. The residents and family members really enjoy her soft and pleasant music, along with other volunteers that she has accompanied who come to the facility, such as The Sunshine Singers, Salvation Army, Folk Musician, and Concord Church.

“Ms. Rivers is a very talented pianist who really doesn’t need a songbook to follow. This Facility is very blessed to have Ms. Rivers here as a part of our Regency Family. We really adore her lovely talent and the time she takes out to help the department and other volunteers as well,” Pitt said.

You can play a part as well

We are always in need of volunteers to lend a helping hand with various daily activities and events. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of our senior residents, please contact us today at 256.852.0033!

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